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Black Bear


Newfoundland Big Game Adventures offers some of the most exciting black bear hunting in North America. The island of Newfoundland is home to approximately 14,000 of the large-bodied bruins and with minimal hunting pressure, a spring baited hunt can offer some of the most intense hunting imaginable.

It is a known fact that Newfoundland black bear, on average, are amongst the largest on the planet. With their high protein intake of moose and caribou calves, the Newfoundland black bear has been known to reach the enormous size of 700 pounds. Biologists believe the black bear of Newfoundland consume 35% of all moose calves born and with their unusual massive height and skull diameter, a trophy is quite a possibility. Newfoundland black bear are black and do not come in color phases this far East.

The bear season runs from June into July and from mid-September to late October. The hunts can be easily combined with spring trout fishing or fall moose and caribou hunts.

Spring black bear hunts, in the past, had a 90-100% kill rate with the average bear size being between 300 - 400 pounds. They recently harvested monster black bears reaching 600-700 pounds. We at Newfoundland Big Game Adventures promise to maintain the top quality hunts that you have come to expect with the former outfitter.

During your adventure at our Bear Lake Lodge, you will be hunting the region bordering the Gros Morne National Park where black bears have never been hunted. With intense baiting practices and tremendous work ethics by our experienced guides, we are able to offer a hunt you will never forget.

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