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What to Bring On Your Hunt

Weather Conditions on Newfoundland: The Island of Newfoundland has a temperate marine climate. Winters are usually cool with a normal temperature of -6 degrees Celsius (20 degrees Fahrenheit). Normal snowfall is 396 cm (13 feet). Summer days range from cool to hot with a normal temperature of 22 C (72 F). The normal annual rainfall is 1037 mm (41 inches).


Your Moose or Caribou hunt will take place September through October where the average temperatures can range from 10 C (50 F) to 16 C (62 F) during the day and could go down to zero degrees C (32 F) during the night. We suggest light fleece or woolen outer clothing supplemented by thermal underclothing. Remember: you will be doing a lot of walking and WILL sweat. I like to dress light and carry dry socks and a light coat in my pack. Don't bring heavy bulky clothes.  Instead, bring clothing you can layer. During a week-long hunt you WILL have rain, so bring a good set of rainwear that can be packed.


Next to your rifle, probably the most important piece of equipment is your boots. You should have knee-high uninsulated waterproof boots like Muck Brand Boots ©, LaCrosse Alpha Light Series, or LaCrosse Stalker Alpha Lite © to name a few that you can purchase from Cabela's. You want to be able to wear a good pair of wool socks and have your boot fit snug. (Remember to wear your boots around the home before you come hunting to break them in. The last thing you need on a hunt is blisters.)


Popular calibers are 30-06, 270, 300, and 7mm. All have sufficient power and range to take down a Moose, Caribou, or Black Bear. Muzzleloaders should be 50 cal or above. Rifles should be sighted in for 100 - 200 yards. Last season I took my Moose at 100 yards with a 50 cal Muzzleloader. Bow with min. 50lb draw weight sighted in for up to 50 yards.


The following is a checklist of items one should consider packing for your hunt:


NOTE: Newfoundland Big Game Adventures Lodge is a fully equipped facility so all you really need are personal items and hunting gear. You can check each box as you add the item to your luggage.



Sunglasses, Toiletries, Towel, Medications, Water Bottle, Blister kit for your pack, Small First Aid Kit for your Pack, Camera with Batteries and Film, Light Footwear for the Lodge, and Belt.

REMEMBER: When flying, "KEEP IT LIGHT"!  You don't need to overpack.


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