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Newfoundland Moose

Moose Image by Shivam Kumar

With 40-50 inch moose racks and weighing up to 544 kilograms (1,200 pounds), our Eastern Canadian moose are surprisingly agile and able to move swiftly through what appears to be impenetrable forest. There are more than 150,000 moose in Newfoundland and Labrador, right here in the northeast corner of North America. NFBGA hunters enjoy a success rate of over 90 percent. Moose population densities are higher than anywhere else in North America and as high as anywhere in the world. There simply is no better place to hunt for moose and Newfoundland Big Game Adventures makes it easy. Every member of a hunting party may purchase a license and take a moose. Bow, muzzle-loader and rifle hunting are permitted. We give 100% effort so you can have the hunt of your dreams.

Here's what an edition of Outdoor Canada magazine had to say about Newfoundland Moose.

The Rock (Newfoundland is often referred to as The Rock because of its rugged beauty) is without a doubt the place to hunt Moose in North America right now. Consider two facts: Newfoundland boasts a current moose population of 120,000 to 150,000 animals: and hunter success rates across the province exceed 80 percent with many areas touching on 100 percent. Most experts agree that Newfoundland has the densest moose population in North America.

I can hear all the "nay-sayers" now, suggesting that while there may be lots of moose, they're not big. That's simply not true. The body size of Newfoundland swamp donkeys is very comparable to that of moose in Western Canada. While Newfoundland doesn't have the 60 to 70-inch spreads found in western animals, bulls in the 40- to 50-inch plus class (trophies by anyone's standards) are definitely available. Boone and Crockett scores in the 180 to 190 class are not out of the question for todays Newfoundland moose hunter.

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