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Woodland Caribou

Boone and Crockett Club Award - Woodland Caribou
Safari Club Gold Award - Woodland Caribou
Charles Dimiceli - Award Winner

Largest Woodland Caribou killed in the world in the last 25 years.

NOTE: Presently, we have only one tag for Woodland Caribou per year.

Newfoundland Big Game Adventures offers a hunt of the world's most southerly and only hunted Woodland Caribou. Newfoundland possesses more than 100,000 of these beautiful creatures and offers the only significant opportunity to take home a trophy.

The Woodland Caribou are darker, stockier and have heavier antlers than their Barren Ground cousins. These caribou were once common from Maine to Montana but are now found mainly in Canada, particularly in Newfoundland. Large males, weighing upwards of 500 pounds and sporting an impressive mahogany-colored antlered crown are a sight to behold and a challenge to hunt. Newfoundland's woodland caribou herds migrate over known, relatively fixed paths each year making for easier access and success.

Over the years, we have been able to harvest many Boone and Crockett caribou scoring over 300 each. Their kill percentage was second to none and with 100% effort from OUR experienced guides, your hunt will last you forever.

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